Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Button Planet Felt Collection

Button Planet Felt Collection
Type: Polyester
Button Planet is offering FELT PACKS in a variety of COLOURFUL themes with combination of 6 pieces per pack
FC01 ~ Primary (6 colours)

FC02 ~ Fluorescent (6 colours)
FC03 ~ Pastel (6 colours) FC04 ~ Lavender (6 colours)
FC05 ~ Atlantis (6 colours)

FC06 ~ Savannah (6 colours)

FC07 ~ Natural (6 colours)

FC08 ~ Meadows (6 colours)

FC09 ~ Mystery (6 colours)

NEW!! NEW!! FC10 ~ Berries (6 colours)

Available pack types (6 pieces for each pack):
1/12 meter pack (10 X 12 inch) -- Price: RM8.00 per pack
Quarter (1/4) meter pack
-- Price: RM24.00
per pack
Half (1/2) meter pack -- Price: RM48.00 per pack

Get special 5% discount if you buy at least 5 packs of same size
Also available!!

FC00 ~ B & W (5 pieces)
White to Black and Grays in between
RM7.00/pack ( 1/12 or 10"X12" pack)
RM20.00/pack (Quarter (1/4) m pack)
RM40.00/pack (Half (1/2) m pack)


  1. Hi got question bat the felt u sell. The 1/2 meter pack is every color is 1/2 meter or total pack for all colors are 1/2 meter?

  2. nak order mcm mne ye....

  3. boleh bagi info macam mana nak order ? Boleh self-pickup? sbb saya di Klang. Terima kasih. :)

  4. ha ah. camne nak order?. tak dibagitau pun cara nak order. pls email me

  5. tak ade jual satu2 warne je ke? kalau ade stok saya ingat nak beli.

  6. tak jual satu2 colour ka?,sebab ada colour yg nak order tapi x dak dlm pack skali.
    please email me cara nak order ,

  7. Hello~ How should I make order for the felt materials? My email address is Thank you.