Thursday, December 22, 2011

More brads from Button Planet Brad Collection

BR10 ~ Classic Brads (50 pieces ++)
Price: RM7.00/pack

BR11 ~ Rustic Brads -- OUT OF STOCK
Price: RM5.00/pack

BR12 ~ Pink Hearts Brads -- OUT OF STOCK
Price: RM7.00/pack

BR13 ~ Butterfly Glittering Brads 
Price: RM7.00/pack

BR14 ~ Tiny Primary Star Brads (25 pieces)
Price: RM5.00/pack 

** Latest addition to our brads collection!!**
 BR15 ~ Glitter Heart Brads
Price: RM8.00/pack (15 pieces)

BR16 ~ Pastel Square Brads
Price: RM7.00/pack (40++ pieces)

BR17 ~ Primary Square Brads
Price: RM7.00/pack

 BR18 ~ Pine Trees (30 pieces)
Price: RM7.00/pack
 NEW!! two more brad designs!!

 BR19 ~ Blue Brads (10 pieces)
Price: RM4.90/pack
  BR20 ~ New Baby Brads (12 pieces)
Price: RM7.00/pack

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